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The Cult of hide

remember the pink spider...

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Dedicated always to the beloved pink spider, Matsumoto Hideto.

The main purpose of this cult is to keep old & new fans in touch with all hide memorial news, memorabilia, reprinted and new merchandise...Even though it's been a long time since 1998, hide still remains in many people's hearts and the hide museum is still active in Yokosuka. Memorial albums are still being made, things are being reprinted often. I understand it's hard for overseas fans to keep up with such information because of the difficulty in access of such things and I hope this community will help everyone. Also, if anyone is selling any j-rock merchandise on ebay or anywhere else, mainly hide or any band really..Feel Free to post about that. hide UFO plushies are also quite popular but getting awfully rare except on certain occasions so if you have news on those and places that are selling them, please also mention that ^_^;...I don't mind advertising on this community as long as it's to the subject and it'll be helpful to mention sites that are still selling hide memorabilia...arigatou gozaimasu!

I'd like to revise this community's purpose currently to be solely dedicated for the love of hide in every single way, of course anything previously allowed will always be allowed [posting-wise] because I don't believe in disrespecting members of this cult unless they disrespect me.

Also, it would be nice to link all hide communities on LJ together or as a whole even...or at least try. I think everyone kind of needs that type of friendly support at the moment. So just keep posting your banners...and I'll just add it to the info page ASAP. Thank you.

With Love,
Your Mod//[-Nekura-]

  • Respect hide, his work, and his input into the J-rock world.

  • No flaming. Simple and easy to follow.

  • Post whenever you can. Pictures, scans, icons, fanart, news, interviews, translations, guitar tabs, music scores and news are acceptable or anything related to hide.

  • Self-introductions to the community are welcome and encouraged

  • Moderator:nekura_ash

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    A Special Thanks to All the Members of this LJ Community (^__^);. [[05/05/25]]

    The Cult of hide would not be possible without you guys. Let's keep this community alive and hope for more members to join to support/remember the beloved hide and his input in the music/j-rock world v(^^); Thank you for making this possible. [ -Nekura- ]

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    For more info on the closing aftermath of the hide museum please keep updated with hide_museum

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    hide..pink spider - we will miss you...

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